The League’s Position (from full version with history)

The League of Women Voters of Virginia believes that the Commonwealth should have a long range comprehensive plan reflecting the needs and interests of citizens and flexible enough to meet future needs. The plan should be a coordinated one including plans and policies of local, regional and state governments. Implementation should maximize local decision- making with some provisions subject to state established standards and review.

State Control of Land Use:

We believe that the state should reassume certain elements of its legal authority to control the use of land. Stronger state control, with impact statements required as deemed necessary, is needed for land use activities of more than local impact (including the siting of energy facilities, large-scale public or private development, major transportation facilities, and waste disposal facilities).
Increased state control is needed for certain land areas of statewide concern such as:

  • Wetlands
  • Crucial watersheds
  • Flood plains
  • Productive agricultural and forest lands
  • Unique scenic and historic areas
  • Shorelines of major waters and
  • Unique wildlife habitats.

Regional Planning

The League believes that the state should support increased regional planning on matters of regional concern.

State Assistance to Localities

The League believes that the state should give assistance to localities for land use planning and control by:

  • Increasing financial aid for research and technical assistance;
  • Collecting, analyzing and disseminating economic, environmental and social data;
  • Authorizing and encouraging innovative land use planning and regulatory techniques such as land banking, planned unit development, transfer of development rights, and timed development ordinances.


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