Annex of Regulation and Best Practice for Developing Unconventional Gas – International Energy Agency

Overview of Industry | Guidance/Best Practices Supporting Hydraulic Fracturing (HF) – American Petroleum Institute

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Intermountain Oil and Gas BMP Project: Reclamation Resources Guide for Oil and Gas Development

Expanding Best Practice: The Conundrum of Hydraulic Fracturing

Wyoming Law Review Vol. 12 Number 2 (2012); Dennis C. Stickley

Oil and Gas Lobby Unveils ‘Best Practices’ for Talking Fracking – U.S.News 7/9/14; Alan Neuhauser

Reclamation Resources Guide for Oil and Gas Development – Intermountain Oil and Gas BMP Project

This resources focuses on Best Practices in the Western mountainous states (i.e., Colorado), but it does show what is needed for those in other regions of the country.

Center For Sustainable Shale Development: Performance Standards and Regulatory Standards Across the Appalachian Basin – March 1, 2015

Performance Standards Version 1.4; Adopted Aug. 19, 2013; Amended April 7, 2016

This multi-page chart compares the CSSD Performance Standards with the Regulatory Standards of Pennsylvania, Ohio, and West Virginia. Overall, a good reference point for seeing how significantly regulations vary.