This page will cover the revenues and expenses of hydraulic. Some of the benefits and costs of fracking are short term, others are long term. What steps are or could be taken to best protect the public interest?

Who Pays the Costs of Fracking?:

Weak Bonding Rules for Oil and Gas Drilling Leave the Public at Risk. This is for the Executive Summary. You can download and read the full report here: Download Who Pays the Cost of Fracking_vUS screen.pdf

Orphaned and Abandoned Wells

One particular concern has to do with the handling of orphaned and abandoned wells. Here are some articles that will give you additional information on these challenges.

Lost: Hunting for Pennsylvania’s Orphaned and Abandoned Wells
When the Shale Runs Dry: A Look at the Future of Fracking
Fracking Limbo: How Oil & Gas Wells Get Orphaned