This is a resource website for keeping people informed about specific topics of interest that are being studied by the League. The current focus is on “hydraulic fracturing”. A committee has been hard at work to develop materials for all League members. The pages here will provide the base for developing a position on “hydraulic fracturing”.

Some League groups have a lot of information and they each have a subpage here. Those with less information are listed on this page.

Leagues with subpages:

LWV California

LWV Colorado

LWV Florida

LWV New York

LWV of Fairfax

LWV of Virginia

LWV Ohio

LWV Pennsylvania

LWV US on Fracking

Leagues Without Subpages

LWV Arkansas

Resource List: Fayetteville Shale Play/Hydraulic Fracturing Resources –

Of specific note:

EPA: Natural Gas Extraction – Hydraulic Fracturing:

LWV Nebraska

Letter re: Testimonny; LR 154 andn LR 257

LWV Moore County North Carolina

THE DILEMMA OF NATURAL GAS EXPLORATION: A Study of the Impact on Moore County and the General Public of Hydraulic Horizontal Drilling or “Fracking” for Natural Gas