Hydrofracking: League Positions

League action in this area is governed by numerous environmental positions.  The basis for action is the LWVUS natural resources positions, contained in LWVUS Impact on Issues 2008-2010 and located at pp. 44, 46-47, 51-54, 57-58 (older version no longer available see 2016-2018 version here ) and the LWVNY water resources position, contained in LWVNY Impact on Issues 2005-2007 (no longer available online).

At the June, 2010 LWUS convention, the members adopted a resolution to call upon the Board to use the resources of the League to support and lobby for significant strengthening of appropriate regulation, oversight, inspection, and penalties associated with the development of fossil fuel resources. This strengthening should include elimination from national legislation of the exemptions for drilling and mining, as well as additional legislation requiring the federal agencies to regulate drilling and mining in a manner consistent with the preservation of a healthy environment. The membership also called on the Board to communicate with the President and the Congress putting them on notice that Leagues across the country are deeply concerned about this issue.  Motion #705-348, LWV of Tompkins County, NY.

LWV North Country: Environmental Action: Hydraulic Fracturing Study Committee


LWV City of New York: Environmental Action Committee


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