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LWVUS Fracking Related Positions

**Note, the cites here are from the 2012-2014 Impact on Issues. Need to review for modifications and update with page #’s from 2014-2016 Version. (cl) A copy with these changes noted can be found – lwvus-position-fracking

LWV Cincinnati Area STUDY PAGES—NOVEMBER 2012 – FRACKING (external link)

Prepared by the Natural Resources Committee For Unit Discussion

Nice intro followed by:

  • Impacts of Fracking
    • Economic Impacts (jobs, lower cost oil and gas, land values, energy costs, competitive advantage, lower transportation costs, new demand for services and supplies, increased government revenue)
    • Geopolitical Impacts
    • Environmental and Health Impacts (reduced coal mining and burning, pollution of drinking water, diversion of essential groundwater, pollution of air, impact on land – earthquakes/sandmines, pollution to water and air near well sites)
    • Other Impacts (safety, infrastructure, quality of life)
  • Proposals for Protecting People and the Environment
    • (a sample list of such proposals)
  • Existing League of Women Voters Positions and Actions
    • Ohio League—LWVO has not adopted new positions related to fracking, but instead, has used existing state and national positions on which to base advocacy efforts to improve proposed legislation and regulatory actions. This has including support in principle of Governor Kasich’s ideas for mandatory disclosure of fracking chemicals, encouraging waste water treatment and recycling, and imposition of a severance tax on oil and gas production.
      LWVO has opposed parts of the legislation introduced for implementation of those ideas such as a bill to allow drilling in State Parks which passed. LWVO has petitioned the Ohio Department of Natural Resources to locate fracking liquids  njection wells away from population centers and critical infrastructure out of concern for associated risks of earthquakes.
    • Pennsylvania League—LWV of Pennsylvania adopted in May, 2010 a position on shale gas extraction that supports maximum protection of the environment and public health by requiring the use of best practices, comprehensive regulation, communication and adequate staffing across government agencies. The position encourages local jobs and economic development, but opposes drilling at the expense of natural recreation areas. It supports permitting fees and severance taxes to cover all public costs.
    • The LWVUS supports:
      • full disclosure of pollution data;
      • management of land as a finite resource, not as a commodity;
      • identification and regulation of areas of critical concern…including…rare or valuable ecosystems, significant wildlife habitats, unique scenic or historic areas, wetlands…and renewable resource lands where development could result in the loss of productivity (such as watersheds, aquifers, and aquifer recharge areas, significant agricultural and grazing lands, forest lands); and
      • policies to ensure safe treatment, transportation, storage and disposal of solid and hazardous wastes in order to protect public health and air, water and land resources. www.lwv.org/content/leaguecomments- bureau-land-managements-proposed-fracking-regulation
  • Fracking-related Positions – lwvoh-fracking-related-positions
    • A list of those positions which already exist and which are related to fracking.
  • Fracking Discussion Overview – lwvoh-meeting-notes


FRACKING: An Issue Brief for LWVO Members, October 2013

  • Background
  • Where the LWVO stands on the issue of fracking
  • What we can say about the horizontal hydraulic fracturing (HHF, aka fracking) debate from the LWV point of view:
    • Section 1: Issues that come up with fracking
    • Section 2: Applicable LWVUS and LWVO positions
      • LWVUS Positions Relevant to Fracking
      • LWVO Positions Relevant to Fracking
    • Section 3: Overview of Leagues’ approaches in other states
      • LWV of PA
      • LWV of CO
    • Section 4: Attempts to make rules about fracking
    • Section 5: Other countries
    • Section 6: Current status
    • Appendices

LWV Ohio Action on Hydraulic Fracturing (Fracking)

  • Background
  • LWV Ohio’s Response to Concerns about Hydraulic Fracturing
  • Appendix A. LWV Positions Relevant to Hydraulic Fracturing LWV US Positions (Impact on Issues 2010-2012, p. 41. ff.
  • Appendix B: Request for Fracking Moratorium
  • Appendix C: Request for Selective Injunction Well Ban